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Welcome to our support zone where you can find some questions and our supported answers. All question listed below are common questions from our Clients. If you don't find the same question of yours here, please kindly submit that question to us by the form at the bottom, or directly contact us for your question at your best convenience.


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1. What is the maximum printable size of Visingpack's printing machines?
The maximum printable size of visingpack's machine is 72 x 102 cm
2. What kinds of products does Visingpack major in?
Visingpack majors in products as below: Offset printing box, offset printing carton, UV printing box, printing chipboard box, gift bags….
3. What technologies does Visingpack have?
With modern technical machine and equiptment, our company have many technologies such as: Offset printing, UV printing, UV coating, oil coating, calendering, OPP coating , laminating, auto and semi-auto die-cutting, hotstamping, window acetad gluing, box gluing
4. How long is the average payment term of Visingpack?
The average payment time is 30-45 days.
5. Does Visingpack have spot UV coating?
Yes, we have
6. What is the difference between CMYK system and RGB?
The CMYK is used in offset printing but the RGB is used in movie
7. Does Visingpack have any equiptment for testing specification standards of products?
We have many equiptment and measurement devices such as: color tester, bursting tester, paper thichness measuring machine, crush tester, moisture master and some other equiptment
8. What sources of paper is Visingpack using?
The paper source that VSP use is very variety: Vietnam, Thailand, China, Korea, India, Japan…
9. Does Visingpack have any quality certification (ISO…)
We have ISO 9001 quality certification
10. How is the leadtime?
For new products: Production and delivery time after sample approval is 7-10 days; 5-7 days for repeated orders. Visingpack could support to deliver sooner for urgent situation.
11. What softwares are used to design and produce?
To check files from customers, we often use Corel and Photoshop...
12. How many percentage of production capacity at normal time and hight seasons?
Capacity at normal time is about 60-65%
And in rush time our capacity is more 80-85%
13. Can .JPG file be used for printing?
JPG file could not be used to print because its resolution is very low, the image therefore will be dim and difficult to be viewed.
14. Could you please consult us what kinds of paper and what coating to use for food container ?
If inside is food products, so 2-white surface duplex paper is advised to use. And in order to be safe for food inside, we can conduct OPP coating or water-registant glue is OK.
15. What are after-press coating technologies of Visingpack?
There are many kinds of coating after-press such as: spot UV, allover UV coating, matt OPP, bright OPP, calendering, oil coating
16. How many percentages of paper thickness difference? What is the standard for measuring paper?
Each kind of paper is different, so the acceptable tolerence is not the same. For example: Deahan paper: +4-2%
17. How many percentages of turnover do the exporting products gain?
Visingpack 's export products is about 7% of the total turnover.


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Lot C10/I, Road 2F, Zone C VINH LOC Industrial Park
Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
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